Saturday, February 8, 2014


I walk into the house and lay down on the sofa.

I'm tired.

It's Friday evening and the house is quiet.

Too quiet. 

It's one of those weekends when all of our kids are away, and of course, I'm feeling down. 

So, I decide to take a quick nap before Hubby gets home.

I'll get some rest, and it should take my mind off of my sadness.

However, as I'm laying on the sofa, I notice I haven't felt baby move for a few hours. 

I give my belly a little nudge to check on him, and sure enough the kicking begins.

And I realize, I was not alone after all. 

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Look Who's Looking at Me

As I was looking through some old photos, I came across this sweet picture.

Look who's looking at me!

As parents we are always ogling our children. 

Watching their every move and loving every stage of their adorable little lives.   

At any given moment you can catch me looking at our kids. 

I know the sound of their footsteps as they walk through the house and the way they carry their backpacks when they walk across the school lawn.

I know the faces they make when they are excited about something, how they behave when they are angry and the expressions they make when they are nervous.

I know which dinners will cause them to go back for seconds, and which meals will make them claim to not be hungry at all.

I know more than they want me to know, I am sure!

I watch for many reasons.

Obviously, I love them so much that I am usually just watching out of admiration.

I catch myself thinking "Wow, she is so beautiful," or "The gesture he just made was so sweet."

I am impressed and blessed by them daily.

However, I also watch them closely, because I want to bless them daily.

I want to know what makes them happy, so that I can do those things.

I want to know how they react when something is making them uncomfortable, so that I can intervene when needed.

I want to know when they make a poor decision, so that I can be there to give them advice, or help them make a better choice in the future.

I want our kids to feel appreciated, to be held accountable and to know that I "see" them. 

Then I see a photo like this and I am reminded that they are watching us too, even when we don't expect it.

Sometimes I will catch them rolling their eyes when my husband and I kiss, or get caught up in our own silly jokes.

Or I'll notice them watching out of the corner of their eye when they know that we are upset with each other. 

They see what we watch on TV, how often we exercise, and the foods that we eat.

They watch how we spend our time and how we articulate our feelings.

They watch how we react to every situation we encounter.

Being aware that we are constantly being watched by our children is such a crucial part of parenting.

Modeling certain behaviors, like teaching them how to appreciate what they have, how to remain calm in heated situations and how to serve our spouses are just a few of the ways that we can bless them.

This photo absolutely melted my heart.

I may not always be the picture perfect role model, but I sure feel grateful to have those precious little eyes watching me.